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Budapešť 2008

Kompletní výsledky Evropské výstavy 2008


Judge dogs: Eeva Parkkivaara-Anttinen, Finland
Judge bitches: Gordon Williams, UK

Rhapsodie Boheme Lord Voldemort - promising
Rhapsodie Boheme Ron Weasley - not shown

Luxatori Johnny-Cake - very promising

Garden Star's Olympic Gold - exc 1, Junior European Winner '08
Crawford Heaven's Gate - exc 2
Hunting Winds Ethan - exc 3
Garden Star's Original Edition - very good
Geromino of Tenbury Wells - very good
Send You Love Red Nokomis - very good
Dean Dell'Arrone - not shown

Icy Breeze Jay Slovak Base - exc 1, CAC
Double Dream Loveset D'Angelo for Karmino - exc 2, res.CAC
Vicary's Firstroyal - exc 3
Garden Star's Maverick Boy - exc 4
Argo Rysi Wykrot - exc
Double Dream Loveset Dressed In Red Tirlis - very good
Febo Della Mezzaluna - very good
Chic Choix Quincy Jones - not shown
Trawricka Gaelic Hero - not shown

Crawford Fatal Attraction - exc 1, CAC
Ensor Of Funny Home - exc 2, res.CAC
Crawford Flicker Of Hope - exc 3
Cataluna Regency Dandy - exc 4
Garden Star's Johnnie Walker - exc
Hunting Winds Dorian - exc
Jonola Dr. Doolittle - exc
Little Boss Of Skyrocket - exc
Vicary's Cobalibré - exc
Bonfire of Dearg Mada - very good
Brian von Diana's Jagern - very good
Emiro II Della Mezzaluna - very good
Gipsy King Jay Slovak Base - very good
Lots Of Love Of the Red Empire - very good
Luxatori Heritage Da Vinci - very good
Denrose Frode - not shown

Between Heaven And Hell Zambi - very good
Garcia Jay Slovak Base - very good
Kassy John Jenny's Irsal - very good
Seterday Filip-Lepi - very good
Sumaric Salazzo - very good
M'Eudail The Temptation - not shown

Vicary's Cocorum - exc 1, CAC, CACIB, European Winner '08, BOB
Kerrimere Winter Wine - exc 2, res.CAC, res.CACIB, Res. European Winner '08

Karmino Made Fanfan La Tulipe - exc 3
Juggernaut's Gespo Murphy - exc 4
Bullo Della Mezza Luna - exc
Edy Spod Zobora - exc
Flynn O'Brian Herbert - exc
Kvanto Red Passion Of Varazdin - exc
Sumaric Shadow Of Mr. Jingles - exc
Scooby Crazy At Luxatori - very good
Ardan Of Funny Home - not shown
Armani My Irish Destiny Of Longford - not shown
Pendoric Hell Razer - not shown
Tell Me You Care For Me Dostojne Szalaputy - not shown

Berboss King's Peach - very good
Dion Spod Zobora - very good
Garden Star's Bad Bone - very good
Vicary's Yogibear - very good


Rhapsodie Boheme Fleur Delacour - very promising

Banthi Cinammon's - exc 1, HPJ, Junior European Winner '08, Best Junior, Junior BOG
Ginger of Tenbury Wells - exc 2
Karmino Made Improvisation - exc 3
Asia Della Nobilta Rossa - exc 4
Summer Spell Red Nokomis - exc (late for the judging)
Foxi Rysi Wykrot - very good
Matilde della Mezzaluna - very good
Thendara Amelie - very good
Desy Dell'Arrone - not shown
Kankan of Slovak Base - not shown
Lady Diana of Mahagonline - not shown

Come As You Are Zambi - exc 1, CAC
Infinity Jay Slovak Base - exc 2, res.CAC
Afrodita My Princess For Contario Ode - very good 3
Night Witch Red Wonder - very good 4
Edwige Fenech Degli Angeli Rossi - very good

Vicary's Fancy Face - exc 1, CAC, res.CACIB, res. European Winner '08
Swedish Design v.h. Adelaarsvaren - exc 2, res.CAC
Shandwick Obsession - exc 3
Alina My Irish Destiny Of Longford - exc 4
Contario Ode Woodwind - very good
Cordarragh Joie De Vivre - very good
Penny Meskov Dvor - very good
Yasmine Degli Angeli Rossi - very good
Caemgen's Burning Desire - not shown
Chic Choix Pandorah - not shown
Dioskury Outlow Della Blenda - not shown
Erika Dell'Arrone - not shown
Garden Star's Laser Light - not shown
Vicary's Funny Hunny - not shown

Chardonnay Jay Slovak Base - exc 1, CAC
Dioskury Driada - exc 2, res.CAC
Fuxia Della Mezza Luna - exc 3
Loving Red Celestial Dea - very good 4
Seterday Fiona - very good

Brigitte Bardot Degli Angeli Rossi - exc 1, CAC, CACIB, European Winner '08
Hedda Miron Rysi Wykrot - exc 2, res.CAC
Love Toplease of Skyrocket - exc 3
Contario Ode Winconta - exc 4
Copper's Music And Paws - very good
Sign Of Constancy Freestyle - very good
Hillsborough Charmed - not shown

Berboss Instant Coffee - exc 1, CAC, Veteran European Winner '08, Best Veteran
Garden Star's Angelic Innocence - exc 2, res.CAC
Killarney's April Sunshine - not shown

Best Couple Of The Day: Vicary's Cocorum and Vicary's Fancy Face!


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